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Week 1

PROPS + Tools

Need a leg up against the books and your DFS opposition this year? Then you’re best to RUN THE SIMSSSSS

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There are free tools like the Advanced Stats hub for play-level research, but if you want the premium tools here’s 10% off the monthly and season packages.

Find out more about the tools and how to use them here.

Season Long Players

Lamar Jackson opens the season with 3 of his first 4 games on the road, all of which come against defenses that ranked bottom 10 vs fantasy QBs (Raiders, Lions and Broncos) last season 4 of Jackson’s best 5 fantasy games of his career have come on the road

Justin Herbert is the only active QB that threw for 300 yards in three straight road games as a rookie. Those were his last three road games. He puts that streak to the test on Sunday against maybe the best defense the league has to offer in Washington.

Subscribers to this newsletter are from all different time zones. One time zone we can all gather in is the oddly specific stat. “Sleepers” no longer exist and no take is truly “hot”. But you came here for interesting and that is what MMN will give you once a week. Enter the MMN time zone, one that we are labeling GBT … Galaxy Brain Time.


Ranks Debate With Jake Ciely
RB bit.ly/21W1RBRanks
WR bit.ly/21W1WRRanks
QB bit.ly/21W1QBRanks
TE/DST bit.ly/21W1TEDSTRanks

Galaxy Brain Time … The Rams could be a team to watch early on and potentially sell. Sean McVay’s offenses haven’t aged well in the past:

Maybe flip them for Steelers? Roethlisberger during his career

Games 1-3 in a season: 15 FPPG
Games 4-16: 16.7 FPPG (an 11.3% increase)

And take it for what it’s worth, but based on fantasy points allowed last season, the Steelers have the 7th friendliest schedule for opposing quarterbacks over the final four weeks of the regular season



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Thinking about NFL Betting?

Last year, Rob Pizzola and I sat down and went over the dos and don’ts of NFL betting, along with betting strategy for the year. It’s one of my favorite (and, frankly, most helpful) shows. I think you’ll dig it.

DraftKings Players

#LetRyanCook? In home games with the Titans in which he’s hit at least 30 opportunities (pass + rush attempts), Ryan Tannehill is averaging nearly 280 passing yards, 25.4 FP PPG and 26.5 DK PPG. He faces a Kingsbury led Cardinals team this weekend that ranks bottom-5 in both opponent attempts and completions since he took over the reign in 2019.

(2021 DraftKings Strategy, Tips & Traps Show)

The best 8 games of Robby Anderson’s career have come at home and the most recent of those games was Week 1 last season (6 catches for 114 yards and a TD against the Raiders). He’s at home on Sunday … against the Jets. Yep, that’ll work!

Galaxy Brain Time … How important is it to stay in the pocket?

Top 5 who saw their fantasy efficiency increase by the most last season when in the pocket compared to out of it

*Kyler faces a Titans team that created pressure at the 6th lowest rate last season. This isn’t a new problem for Tennessee (7th lowest pressure rate over the past three seasons) and they did use five picks to address the defense this year, but how quick can they make an impact? A big Kyler game could come out of the gates- and I think it’s very possible Rondale Moore is leading my waiver wire column on Tuesday.

Bottom 5 in terms of fantasy efficiency increase difference from in/out of the pocket

*Cousins plays a Bengals team that created pressure at the 2nd lowest rate last season. Among qualifiers, only Aaron Rodgers averaged more points per pocket pass attempt than Cousins. I’m assuming Cincy won’t move quarterbacks off of their spot until I see something change … so Cousins is still a live DFS option for contrarian lineups

Fantasy Football Picks and Bets

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TNF + DK Same Game Parlay Stats


  • Week 9-17 was when the Bucs had their Big 3 receivers

  • Over that stretch, Brady threw for 300+ yards 5 times (his over/under isn’t set, but 300 is a fine starting points)

  • In those 5 games, Chris Godwin went over 80 receiving yards 4 times (the same number as Mike Evans and Antonio Brown COMBINED)

  • Godwin caught 78% of his targets in those games (Evans and Brown: 69%)

  • In those games, TB averaged 38.4 points

  •  So, the numbers from last season suggest that a the over in all of the following could be a strong play: Brady Passing Yards, Chris Godwin Receiving Yards And Buccaneers Points

There’s also a GIANT DraftKings slate, including a $1M top prize contest for the NFL opener. When Justin Freeman and I put together Run The Sims, a lot of it was based on how well his tools worked for single-game showdown. Here’s the showdown tool

As you can see, all these fields are completely customizable to what you think is going to happen in the game. Once you have everything set, you RUN THE SIMS (10,000 sims. Very quick, I must add) and it will spit out the optimal lineups from the parameters YOU SET. I just wanted to see in this run what would happen if Gallup does the best of the Dallas WRs.

This won’t be my final run through, as I need to find a way to take advantage of the the TB players, considering I think they’re going to win the game, but it was run to see my optimal lineups

and the player projections for the game.

AGAIN, here’s 10% off the monthly and season packages.


Oh, a NEWWW Cust Corner dropped Monday morning. Watch it. Or listen. Either works.


As of Monday night, here’s who you should be watching out for this Sunday