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Want a season long contest to square off with Mayo, Cust, Geoff, and the crew at Mayo Media Network? HERE IT IS!!!!!


Sign up for Prize Picks using code MMN or this link and get a match deposit match up to $100.

It will cost $7.11 each week to submit an entry of 5 over/unders (any NFL ones you want that aren’t on Monday Night), but with the match deposit of up to $100 with our link and/or code at deposit, if you simply deposit $65, you’ll get matched $65 and have everything you need for the year.

If you have a Prize Picks account already, you’re good to go. Just play the $7.11 entry each week to be in the contest.

There are weekly $50 bonuses for all five picks correct (on top of your 10x win from your entry) and a season leaderboard with promo pay outs after Week 18.

1st — $3000
2nd — $1500
3rd — $1000
4th — $500
5th — $250

There is also a $100 dollar bonus for the person who comes exactly in the middle, and another $100 for the person who comes dead fucking last. In order to qualify for those, you’ll have to make an entry all 18 Weeks of the season.

You only get one entry per week, and the leaderboard will update on Monday nights. And your 5 Pick entry must be for $7.11 each week. That’s how they’ll be tracking it. It’s gonna be a ton of fun… until you end up losing to Cust.

You can play whatever sport you want on Prize Picks, so I got my secret College Football insider to rig this entry up for me this week, as I don’t know what I’m doing.

If you deposit $100, with our MMN deposit match, you may as well use the extra $$$ to build a bankroll.

As a heads up, McBride’s UAB game starts Wednesday night at 730pm ET, just make it a 4 gamer if you miss it.

Oh, and speaking of Cust. Here’s the advanced link to the AFC Wins Totals show a night early.

Support for this contest really goes a long way into helping out MMN, SO PLAY… OKKKKK?????

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And don’t worry, I have some CASH GIVEAWAYS below.

Tour Championship

Well, the Golf season is over, with the Tour Championship this week in Atlanta. East Lake has hosted the Tour Championship on and off since the late 90s, and has hosted it every year since 2005. In 2019, the rules were amended so that the 30 players in the field are given starting strokes - an advantage for the players the better your FedEx Cup position entering the tournament, because the Tour was opposed to the circumstances in 2018, where Tiger Woods won the Tour Championship and did not win the FedEx Cup. Here are everyone’s starting positions, for the record:

Patrick Cantlay -10

Tony Finau -8

Bryson DeChambeau -7

Jon Rahm -6

Cam Smith -5

Thomas, English, Ancer, Spieth, Burns -4

Morikawa, Im, Hovland, Louis, DJ -3

Rory, Xander, Kokrak, Na, Brooks -2

Conners, Hideki, Cink, Niemann -1

Berger, EVR, Sergio, Horschel, Reed E

There are two odds boards this week - the official PGA Tour one with those starting strokes, and a conventional one with no starting strokes factored in. Just be very careful which odds board you’re looking at when you make any bets this week.

So, for the week, I made two (well, three after tailing the Euro Picks & Bets show for Italian Open)

PGA Morikawa 25/1 (No starting strokes)
PGA Louis 32/1 (No starting strokes)
EURO Guido!!! 25/1

I don’t care how poorly Morikawa is playing, the last time I didn’t back him coming off a poor performance and he slipped down the board he won The Open, so I’ll blindly get back in. And this all sets up perfectly for Louis. He can actually beat everyone the in the field and not actually win. That would be the most Louis 2021 move ever, so I’ll wager on it.

I did grab a Prize Picks play too. Use Code MMN or this link to get in on it.

Rory, JT, and Xander haven’t finished below any of these finishing positions at any point in the past five years. Of course, this will be the year they bottom out, but I’ll be finding out the hard way.

OHHHHHHH, the 2022 RACE FOR THE MAYO CUP One and Done contest IS LIVEEEEE!!!!!!! It’s up to a $500K Prize Pool for the year with $50K to first. It doesn’t start until January at the Sony Open, but you can sign up now and get your spot.

In the meantime, there’s a bunch of smaller Swing Season Only OAD games if you want in at Fantasy Golf Championships.

Football SZN

I came out with the official launch of NFL Season over at Mayo Media Network with NFC Win Totals on Monday with Geoff and Cust, Thursday is the AFC show (Or here, right now), there’s hilarity that ensues and a whole load of bad takes that we will spend the rest of the season dunking on. Fantasy Football Picks and Bets is also going strong, with the crew over there churning out really quality shows.

Don’t forget about the big Props contest we’re gonna be running all season over at PrizePicks. I mean, this is only for those who skimmed over the first 10 paragraphs of the newsletter.

But remember, to be a part of it you need to have deposited with the code MMN or THE LINK to get access.

The draft RANKS are all freshly updated in case you have Drafts this weekend.

Top 150

Week 1 RANKS will be out Friday.

Me and Rob Pizzola will have an NFL betting strategy guide dropping Monday, then the Week 1 Spread picks show a day early on Tuesday. I haven’t announced this outside of this specific spot, but I found that the Friday NFL show on The PME could be wayyyyy better, so I fixed that.

Every Friday (prob 12/1pm ET release), Me, Pizzola and CAM FUCKING STEWART are breaking down the weekend for betting. Something you can listen to while you some home from work , doing yard work on the weekend. It will have the feel of the Spread Picks show, but the caveat of having a super sharp like Pizzola on it. I’m really looking forward to that show.


And since it’s the beginning of a new sports season, I figured it’s time to give some cash away. I have $1000 ($200 to five winners) in the kitty right now, if we can get 200 more apple reviews on the PME, then I’ll up it to $1500.

It’s pretty simple, all you need to do get in the giveaway is:

  1. Sub to MMN on YouTube (HERE)

  2. Subscribe to the PME on Apple Podcasts (HERE), leave a 5-Star review and something you enjoy about the show.

Even if you done one before, it never hurts to update it to bump you to the top of the list. We’ll give out the winners on the Week 2 Spread Picks show.

Thanks again for all the support on this stuff. I know a lot of people are here from the golf coverage, but the first six weeks of NFL is how we make money at MMN. So the more support, shares, subs, etc you can provide out of the gate, means the more content we can do all year.

Everyone was so helpful last year when I launched MMN that now, a year later, we have nine regular show, including three golf programs to make sure people can get their golf fix on a full scale, year round.

I want to thank everyone who’s helped us out. Even if that means downloading and listening. It’s crazy it’s already been a year.

DraftKings GOLF

Geoff and I are finished with the golf betting show for 2021 (We’ll have a Ryder Cup special show obv) and moving on to NFL Picks every week. I will have a DraftKings show each week however, and be updating some bets in there. You can always catch the Fantasy Golf Degenerates and Euro Picks and Bets every week on MMN.

Plus, the swing season is the perfect time to put Fantasy National to use. Some of my best cashes have some in these losers fields just going with what I punch into the Fantasy National system. 20% OFF HERE!!!!

This is a 30 man field, with the starting strokes, prices that go above the usual ceiling for players at the top (and fall below the usual 6k floor as well). It’s a mess. I’m not trying to figure it out, but if you’re going to try and make sense of it, my guys Tambo and Kenny have you cover on that end.


Weather looks fine in Atlanta. (Seriously, if you can’t tell by now how ready I am for football season, that’s on you.) Plus, the tee times are so close the weather will impact everyone in the field, so there’s no splits to dig up.


I should have some Week 1 Milly DK tix to giveaway (fingers crossed) sometime next week on @ThePME Twitter, but, in order to win playing DK NFL, there are two things you can do to increase your odds.

  1. Watch the Strategy show I did with Joe Holka. I learned a ton about proper contest selection that I think a lot of people NEED to hear.

  2. Get the Runs The Sims Tools

Last week, Justin Freeman and I went over all the tools in this vid. But you can still use to get a discount on all the premium tools. Much like Fantasy National, it’s the most customizable stats and tools engine on the planet for NFL. YOU tell the computers to do your work for you.

Here’s what’s offered:

Oh, and here’s the exclusive link to the still be to made public CUST CORNER 35.

— PM